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Point Breeze refinery in Philadelphia, 1926.

River Documents

Browse here for a resource of historical, political and scientific documents about the Lower Schuylkill River.

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Margie Cobb 2017

Oral Histories

Browse here to listen to oral accounts of river ward communities as they share their relationships and interactions with the Schuylkill River and surrounding environment.

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Ecotopian Toolkit 2017

Climate prediction models agree that Philadelphia is becoming hotter and wetter. How can we best adapt to the higher temperatures and other extreme weather events that increasingly make up the new normal? In the Spring of 2017, under a competition…

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River Research Seminar

The Schuylkill River and Urban Waters Research Seminar was a public, cooperative research seminar organized by Peter DeCarlo (Drexel), Danielle Redden (Bartram's Garden), and Bethany Wiggin (Penn). Seminar meetings occurred on alternating…

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The Eastwick Living History Project

Eastwick is a low elevation neighborhood in Southwest Philadelphia. The neighborhood is home to a vibrant community that has been subject to extreme natural disasters and disenfranchising policies. Eastwick represented one of the only racially…

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Ecotopian Toolkit 2018

Tool-making is a signature trait of the human species. What tools can we make, and might we require, in the age of the human, the anthropocene: a name for the present geological epoch when humans are the most potent force shaping earth’s…

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Discovering Philadelphia's Waste Crisis

How could they burn our recycling? This question has been at the front of my mind since the winter of 2019, when I learned that the majority of recyclable materials collected in the city of Philadelphia were being burned at a waste incinerator in…

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Witnessing Philadelphia's Oilscape

This exhibit provides a series of tools and techniques for comprehending the scale and scope of Philadelphia’s oil refinery. As I have come to realize, neither perception, nor intellectual contemplation, is enough to comprehend the primacy and…

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Joseph Pennel Oil Refinery 1881.png

Grays Ferry Oral Histories

The collection of Grays Ferry Oral Histories documents the lives of long-term residents in this South Philadelphia neighborhood after the explosion of the former nearby Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) refinery on June 21, 2019. The oral history…

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