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Excerpt from the Public Ledger Almanac of 1879
With the Delaware River to the south, Darby Creek to the northwest, and Bow Creek to the northeast, waterways formed the boundaries of Tinicum Township. Water flowed within these boundaries as well. The land itself was regularly inundated until…

Little Tinicum Island is a long thin island offshore of Essington in the Delaware River. The island's marshy vegetation and tidal mud flats give testimony to Tinicum Township's environmental past. Though no permanent structures have been built on the…

1986 Oil Spill News Reports

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Yachts and Yachting
The Corinthian Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club still operating in Tinicum Township.

Island and the Origin of its Name
Separated from Tinicum Island by a backchannel of the Delaware River, Hog Island was used intermittently for agriculture until 1917. The U.S. government comissioned the construction of a shipyard on the swampy patch of land during World War I. The…

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Three Girls Drowned
Strong currents and unseen objects beneath the river's surface pose threats to both recreational and commercial boaters, with potential lethal consequences. Boats have sunk quickly, leaving even strong swimmers at risk of drowning in the river's…

USACE Dredge McFarland
The Philadelphia district USACE has a Field Office at the Fort Mifflin Distribution Center, just east of Tinicum Township.
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