David Barnes



  • David Barnes, PhD teaches the History of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Pennsylvania. This past fall he presented on his work researching the Lazaretto site and the use of narratives and storyscapes to explore social functions of sites overtime.

    Excerpt from transcript:
    "I tell the story of Mary Ann Ganges, the nine-year-old girl who in 1800 was captured and enslaved in West Africa, then freed as soon as she arrived in the U.S. and indentured as a domestic servant to the quarantine master. I tell the story of Tobias Smith, the mischievous eleven-year-old orphan who was accused in 1805 of starting an epidemic. I tell the story of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Perkins Stokes, the quarantine officer who was prosecuted in 1853 for dereliction of duty. And I tell the story of Mary Riddle, the middle-aged widow who in 1870 saved the Lazaretto from chaos and despair in its darkest hour."