Eastwick Oral History Project: Earl Wilson


Eastwick Oral History Project: Earl Wilson


The Eastwick Oral History Project documents the rich history and complex cultural life of Eastwick — a vibrant community in Southwest Philadelphia. The neighborhood’s history is marked by deep connections to the landscape and waterways, as well as experiences of displacement and environmental injustice.The Eastwick Oral History Project, operated by the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities, documents the legacies and changes of the neighborhood through interviews with lifelong residents, long-time residents, and others who are engaged in community advocacy around Eastwick’s future.


Eastwick Oral History Project


"I became interested because of the fact that I wanted to make sure that I participated in the kind of environment in which I would like to raise my two sons. And as a result of that, I got involved with the Eastwick PAC, which is a community organization that is supposed to represent the umbrella group for a number of different neighbors, neighborhood community groups, became involved in that and from that point on have been involved in Eastwick to this very day."

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Eastwick Oral History Project, “Eastwick Oral History Project: Earl Wilson,” Schuylkill River & Urban Waters Research Corps Archive, accessed June 19, 2018, http://schuylkillcorps.org/items/show/4.


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