Fox Grove Marina


Fox Grove Marina


Chris Templin's grandfather created Fox Grove Marina in the early twentieth century. Today, her sister and brother-in-law operate the marina. Chris's childhood home was just behind the marina.


Smooth Sailing: A boating revival at the Tinicum Waterfront

Smooth Sailing: A boating revival at the Tinicum Waterfront

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article on June 6, 1991 on the waterfront recreation of Tinicum Township. The author discussed the roles improved water quality and road access were playing in the increased activity at the waterfront. Chris Templin saved the clipping in which Fox Grove Marina, founded by her grandfather and currently run by her brother-in-law Frank Marr, was featured.

Photographs from Chris Templin

Photographs from Chris Templin

Top left: Original Fox Grove Marina sign

Top middle: Chris Templin's row boat

Top right: Aerial view of Fox Grove Marina

Bottom left: Fox Grove Marina in 1940 Sandborne insurance map

Bottom Right: 1902 map


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