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Photo and drawing collection of The Lazaretto at Essington, PA
The Pennsylvania Board of Health commissioned the Lazaretto Quarantine station at Tinicum in 1799. From 1801 to 1895, incoming ships, passengers, and cargo to Philadelphia and other northern Delaware River ports went through inspection at the…

Hints of Bribery on County Bridge
Today, the Wannamaker road bridge over Darby Creek connects Tinicum Township and Prospect Park. The location originally was the site of the Morris Ferry, with plans for the bridge beginning in 1847.

Fox Grove Marina in 1901
Chris Templin's grandfather created Fox Grove Marina in the early twentieth century. Today, her sister and brother-in-law operate the marina. Chris's childhood home was just behind the marina.

Contracts #1 thru #7 (complete).png
Projects to dredge the Delaware River began in 1885. The latest project aimed to deepen the river to 45 feet. There are still dredging barges on the Delaware to maintain the depth. Various locations in Tinicum, such as Little Tinicum Island and Hog…

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