Rising Waters (Philadelphia, Mumbai)

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Project description

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Salman Zaheer_Rainwater Harvesting in Mumbai_ppt.pdf

Salman Zaheer, Rainwater Harvesting in Mumbai: A study of perceptions and practices

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Anushri Tiwari_Governance of an Urban River.pdf

Anushri Tiwari, Governance of an Urban Rver

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Vidhy Shethna, Debut of a Kankarialake as “An International Quality Asset”

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Rose Nagele_League Island Presentation.pdf

Rose Nagele, Redevelopment of the naval port in Philadelphia

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Fiona Jensen-Hitch_Memories.pdf

Fiona Jensen-Hitch, Liquid Memories

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Tathagat Bhatia_Toxic Histories.pdf

Tathagat Bhatia, Toxic Histories

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Rising Waters Poster.pdf

Conference Poster

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Rising Waters is a  multidisciplinary research project situated in the former wetlands of Philadelphia and Mumbai- two cities that have since been formed, extended and differentiated by historic relations with water. Through ethnographic and historical research with educators, students, planners, health professionals, artists and community members in Philadelphia and Mumbai, this project seeks to “make a difference,” to produce alternative visions of the future cities of Philadelphia and Mumbai.
Six students from the University of Pennsylvania and six from  the School of Habitat Studies at the Tata Institute for Social Sciences were selected for a two-year period. Students received mentoring and support to further research.
In January 2019. the Fellows convened in Mumbai for ten days in early January. The full program can be found on the dedicated website.
This collection gathers materials presented at the Mumbai convening in January 2019 by students at the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Habitat Studies at the Tata Institute for Social Sciences while conducting research on water-related issues in Philadelphia and Mumbai.