Teaching and Learning with Rising Waters (May 9-11, 2019)


Scott Knowles, "The River as an Anthropocene Campus"

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Gathering researchers, teachers, artists, and students of all ages hailing from diverse and differently vulnerable communities, the conference explored how we can develop and use transdisciplinary methods of inquiry to learn, teach, and live with rising waters and how we might work collaboratively to develop new educational tools. Since 2016, PPEH has piloted on-water teaching and learning engagements under the banner of the Schuylkill River Research Corps, including the On-Water Research Intensive in June 2018, as well as the ongoing three-year program, Rising Waters: Philadelphia and Mumbai, funded by a Making a Difference in Diverse Communities award. This convening brings these and other initiatives based in the Delaware watershed into dialogue with scientists, humanists, and artists working on, around, in, and with the Hudson, Passaic, Susquehanna, and Mississippi Rivers, in North America, as well as with others working on waters on five continents. Research presentations alternate with artists talks, screenings, literary readings, and public performances. This gathering aimed to nurture public research and creative engagements spanning the sciences and the arts, natures and cultures, across water bodies and watersheds. View map here.